Vanessa Svartmo av Andrea Bræin Hovig, Gyldendal(2015).

Vanessa Svartmo by Andrea Bræin Hovig

Actress and author Andrea Bræin Hovig’s first young adult novel was among the honorable mentions for the Norwegian Uprisen. ‘I simply have no choice, I have to tell others about this novel’ Lena says in this review of Vanessa Svartmo.


Finland’s favourite Christmas books

We Finns love Christmas, after all, we do have the one and only Santa Claus living in Lapland. The traditions moves on from generation to generation, there’s something new, something old, something borrowed, maybe something blue too. Here’s a few of our most read Christmas books.


Djupa ro av Lisa Bjärbo

Nineteen year old Jonathan drowned by Djupa Ro. In the wake of Jonathan’s death his four closest friends from childhood gathers, seemingly for the funeral but underneath the surface they gather just as much for survival.


Ihon alaiset by Anu Holopainen

Dystopian novels can be very scary, especially if the scenario feels like it could be ‘just around the corner’. Ihon alaiset is about body shaping. Cosmetic surgery is the future; everyone has modified their face and body.