[Topp Tre] Anna rekommenderar

“It’s not easy being green”, as sung by the one and only Kermit the Frog. Apparently this is also true when it comes to book covers as the colour green is rarely used on covers, at least in Sweden. According to some, green books


Nadja Sumanen: Rambo

Nadja Sumanen‘s Rambo  has been warmly received in many areas. Last summer it won a juvenile novel competition held by Otava publishing, it has been made as a play for the Finnish national theater and above all, it won the Finlandia Junior award in 2015.


Skuggsommar by Mia Öström

Rakel will be spending the summer with her cousin and parents on an island. The cousin hardly cares about Rakel and she begins to hang out with a couple of twins at the diving tower instead. But who are they and why do the shadows on the island become larger?

Vanessa Svartmo av Andrea Bræin Hovig, Gyldendal(2015).

Vanessa Svartmo by Andrea Bræin Hovig

Actress and author Andrea Bræin Hovig’s first young adult novel was among the honorable mentions for the Norwegian Uprisen. ‘I simply have no choice, I have to tell others about this novel’ Lena says in this review of Vanessa Svartmo.