Swedish YA releases spring 2017

It is time to check out the Swedish YA releases this spring! Debut novels, sequels, anticipated returns and even a cookbook! There are many of them and aren’t they gorgeous? Even though the spring feelings have abandoned us for the April snow – yes, it happened – we know what we will do the forthcoming…

Nordic summer reads

Summer season has finally reached the north. Before the editors of Nubb are going on vacation, we want to share some recommendations of Nordic young adult novels you should read this summer.

Skuggsommar by Mia Öström

Rakel will be spending the summer with her cousin and parents on an island. The cousin hardly cares about Rakel and she begins to hang out with a couple of twins at the diving tower instead. But who are they and why do the shadows on the island become larger?

Korpmåne av Therese Henriksson

Mystiska saker börjar hända, när en kille vid namn Seth och hans mamma flyttar in i huset i närheten av där Saga bor. Seth och Saga tar bussen till gymnasiet tillsammans och Saga vill lära känna honom mer.