Bookstores in the Nordic countries

Back in the day, whenever I went to a new city, I used to look for record stores. Nowadays, when all my music is in myphone and Spotify, I look for book stores instead. I’ve always had a soft spot for the smaller stores – it’s usually in those where you can find the really…

Autumn releases Sweden 2016

We’ve got debutants. We’ve got well known authors returning. We’ve got authors who try new genres and try to reach new audiences. We’ve got urban fantasy, we’ve got thrillers,we’ve got relationship dramas. In short, there’s plenty to read as autumn arrives.

Hemsökta av Magnus Nordin

Summer means scary. There is nothing like a ghost story to chill your bones on warm summer nights. Swedish horror writer Magnus Nordin‘s latest offering, “Hemsökta” aims to do just that.