Autumn releases Sweden 2016

We’ve got debutants. We’ve got well known authors returning. We’ve got authors who try new genres and try to reach new audiences. We’ve got urban fantasy, we’ve got thrillers,we’ve got relationship dramas. In short, there’s plenty to read as autumn arrives.

Ravnenes hvisken by Malene Sølvsten

Ravnenes hvisken (eng: “The Whisper of the Ravens”) is the first book in a new Danish fantasy trilogy by the same name, written by Malene Sølvsten. The first book was published this summer, while the sequel will be out in 2017 and third and finale is due out in 2018. The book is based on Norse…

Autumn releases Norway 2016

Autumn is just around the corner and for book lovers everywhere “tis the season to be jolly..”. We got a great bunch of Norwegian books for you to check out! Take Henrik Ibsen as an example. Ibsen is a devil when it comes to close combat, he lives in Norway-Sweden

Siiri Enoranta: Surunhauras, lasinterävä

Enoranta‘s novel is a tapestry of different narrators where everyone wants something and loves someone. It’s like a prism where dreams, authorities and reliance are folding and falling apart. The novel won the Finnish Topelius award for distinguished youth novel in 2016.

Hemsökta av Magnus Nordin

Summer means scary. There is nothing like a ghost story to chill your bones on warm summer nights. Swedish horror writer Magnus Nordin‘s latest offering, “Hemsökta” aims to do just that.