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“It’s not easy being green”, as sung by the one and only Kermit the Frog. Apparently this is also true when it comes to book covers as the colour green is rarely used on covers, at least in Sweden. According to some, green books sell less than others. However, with the aid of Anna Jakobsson Lund, author of the critically acclaimed “Tredje Principen” and “Aldrig Ensamma” dystopic YA novels, we were able to track down three brave authors and their books who despite everything place all their bets on green!

Huset Mittemot by Alex Haridi

A debut coming-of-age novel and a psychological thriller all wrapped into one, the hardcover first edition features dark green and blue tones, fitting nicely with the run-down, seaside factory town setting. A great read about friendship and small town mysteries.


Sagan om Turid by Krigstid by Elisabeth Östnäs

The first novel in the series “Sagan om Turid” is a well written and violent journey into the life of Viking princess Turid, end the sequel “Krigstid” promises even more of everything that made the first novel such an exciting read. A more fitting design and age appropriate cover than the cover for the previous novel will appeal to both new and old fans alike.


Jack by Christina Lindström

Finally, Christina Lindström’s second YA novel has just hit the shelves. Part love story between two teenagers who unlikely fall in love with eachother, part reconciliation with a violent past, “Jack” promises to be a compelling and powerful read unafraid to tackle both uncomfortable questions as well as young love at the same time.


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