Finland’s autumn releases 2016

 Check out alle the new releases in Finland this autumn! There really is something for everyone here.


Aleksi Delikouras: Pro Gamer – Nörtti 4 (Otava). In this youth book series DragonSlayer666 is aiming to become a professional gamer. Coming out in October.

Magdalena Hai: Haiseva käsi (Karisto). A collection of horror stories for youths. Coming out in September.

Leena Krohn: Kirje Buddhalle (Teos). In this narrative poem, a mail carrier is delivering letters to Buddha. Coming out in September.

9789510413128_frontcover_draft_originalElena Mady: Varjo (WSOY). The Body Jumper youth book series continues. Coming out on October.

J.S. Meresmaa: Mifongin kadottama (Myllylahti). The fifth book of the fantasy series. Coming out in October.

Janne Mäkitalo: Pääkallokiitäjät (Myllylahti). In this adventure novel young boys are struggling in a storm. Coming out in October.

9789510414606_frontcover_final_originalJuuli Niemi: Et kävele yksin (WSOY).  Youth novel of different worlds and first love. Coming out in October.

Nemo Rossi: Viimeinen etruski (Myllylahti). The fourth book of the Arkeomysteeri series. Coming out in October.

Esko-Pekka Tiitinen: Neljän tuulen paita (Aula & Co). Youth novel of books and the encounter of immigrants and Finns. Coming out in September.

Maria Turtschaninoff: Naondel (Tammi). The fantasy series Punaisen luostarin kronikoita (Krönikor från Röda klostret) continues. Coming out in September.

Harri Veistinen: Kotitekoisen poikabändin alkeet (S&S). Youth novel about a boyband. Coming out in October.

Kalle Veirto: The Next One (Karisto). Ninth grader is trying his talents as web author and sports commentator. Coming out in October.

Seita Vuorela: Lumi (WSOY). Youth novel about immigrants’ children, finished by Vilja-Tuulia Huotarinen. Coming out in September.

9789513187385_frontcover_final_originalSari Peltoniemi: Taivazalan joutsen (Tammi). Which one of the residents of Kielinen is the key bearer? The first book of the new, exciting trilogy of Avaimenkantaja. Published in July.

Hanna Kökkö: Megamysteeri (Mäkelä). The life of youths and geocaching! Coming out on October.

Hannele Huovi & Tove Jansson: Taikavuosi (Tammi). Poems for every month. Coming out on August.

9789510418529_frontcover_final_originalKati Kovács: Kamileen labyrintti (WSOY). Fascinating comic about what one is willing to do to keep a significant relationship. Coming out on August.

Sari Luhtanen: Totuus Tarusta – Totaalisen sekoilun teoria (Otava). In every teen girl lives master screw-up! The chick lit series continues. Published in July. 9789511282259_original

Essi Tammimaa: Noaidin tytär – Tulva (Otava). Rock star Paju, the big love of Aura, is on a European tour with his band. Everything is as usual until the bad dreams start. Published in June.

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