Bloggers: The best Danish reads of 2016

We have asked some of our Danish bloggers to share their favorite reads of 2016.
These are the books that the bloggers liked the most:


Picture from: Sabrina`s blog

Sabrina from Sabrina`s blog recommends De 7 synder (eng: “The seven sinns”) by Katja Berger.

Katja Berger is a debutant and gives us a really good and easy fantasy book, which contains all the classical stuff a nice fantasy should contain. Also the ending is extremly neat. Even though it has some minor mistakes, it`s indeed a satisfying book and I can`t wait to read more books from the author.
Read a full review of the book here. 


Line from Forestilling om Paradis would like to recommend Hjertet er 1 organ (eng: “the heart is 1 organ”) by Sarah Engell

Line picked this book since it`s a strong, frightening and fragile story about being young, afraid and in love. It`s a brutal read, but at the same time beautiful and touching.
Read Line’s full review of the book here. 

Picture from: Flyv med mig

Rikke from Flyv med mig recommends Sandsnogens bid (eng: “The sandsnakes bite”) by Sidsel Sander Mittet.

Rikke says that this is an amazing fantasy novel that gives you a reunion with the Morika-universe, known from Sidsel Sander Mittet’s other books, which Rikke loved and misses. The book was exciting and the author has a good writing style, RIkke especially liked the development of the characters. When reading this book, you take a trip through all your feelings, and that is something Rikke enjoys when reading a book.
You can read Rikke’s full review here. 

Picture from: Flyv med mig

Rikke also had an honorable mention, the fantasy book called Ravnenes hvisken (eng: “The whisper of the ravens”) written by Malene Sølvsten.  Which was a book that took her by surprise. She expected it to be just like every other youth book, but ended up loving it. When the story finally came along, it became full of excitiment, fun, mysterious and warm feelings, so she couldn`t put it down. An amazing dark fantasy.
Read Rikke’s full review here. 



Line Skori 

Member of NUBB`s editorial team and the bookblogger behind MoonStar`s Bokverden.
At the moment a stay at home mom who enjoy reading young adult and children books.
But normally a student, taking a bachelor degree in Ecology and Nature Conservation.




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