Blogistania Awards 2016

Finnish book blog community has given their Blogistania awards in four different categories: Blogistania Finlandia, Blogistania Globalia, Blogistania Kuopus and Blogistania Tieto.


Blogistani Kuopus 2016 award highlights children and youth literature appreciated by Finnish book bloggers. The voting involves all children and youth literature published in 2016 written or translated in Finnish, Swedish or Sami. The nominees can be novels, short stories, poem collections and comics which have been defined as children and youth literature by the publishers.

Finnish book blogs chose the winner by voting in their blogs on 27th of January. The Blogistania Kuopus award was given to Siri Kolu: Kesän jälkeen kaikki on toisin. On the second place came Timo Parvela & Bjørn Sortland: Kepler62: Kirja Kolme: Matka. Third place was divided between Janne Kukkonen: Voro: Kolmen kuninkaan aarre and Seita Vuorela: Lumi. 

Congratulations to the winners!



Hanna Roslöf is one of the editors of She’s 29 years old, soon to be a librarian from Finland. She reads, sings, acts and knits. You can also find her from her own blog The Wonderful World of Lilli

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