Finnish spring new releases 2017!

Check out all the new releases in Finland this spring!



Sini Helminen: Kaarnan Kätkössä (Myllylahti). This is the first volume of four volume series which combines Finnish mythology, thriller and romance. One cell phone picture taken when wasted chances Pinja’s life, but how much, she doesn’t have a clue…

Tuula Kallioniemi: Villi viikko (Otava). Against he’s own will, Viltsu ends up in survival vacation, in his grandmother’s place. The week is going to be different than what Viltsu had even imagined, granny leaves the youths to take care of the animals and as the house watchers. Above all, granny takes away all of their cell phones.

Teemu Keskisarja: Suomen ihmisten historia (WSOY). A book about the history of the Finnish people, published in honor of the Finland’s 100th independence celebrations. In these humorous and wild stories the heroes are all Finnish boys and girls.

Anne Leinonen: Kirjanoita (WSOY). An urban fantasy novel of two cities which are living in symbiosis.

Jukka-Pekka Palviainen: Suunnaltaan vaihtelevaa tuulta. Milla has to move into lighthouse island because of her father’s work, away from the familiar rounds and familiar people. First, the situation is terrifying, but when Milla gets to know the islanders, the life isn’t that bad after all. But everyone aren’t pleased of her father’s research work and someone is trying to sabotage it.

Anne-Riikka Sainio: Milja – Pohkeenväistöä ja pitkiä katseita (WSOY). This novel starts the new lively series from a new author about horse girls and horse riding.

Ronja Salmi & Mikko Toivainen: 12 tarinaa kirjoittamisesta (WSOY). This book includes their own stories told by themselves poet and a rapper Paperi T, Member of Parliament Ozan Yanar etc.

Roope Lipasti: Karhuriimu (WSOY). Viking trilogy’s last volume.

Merja Jalo: Arvoitusten jäljillä (WSOY). The series of Nummela’s pony stables continues.

Merja & Marvi Jalo: Jesse – Rauniokoira (WSOY). The dog series of Jesse continues.

Mika Wickström: Meidän jengin Zlatan ja pitkä soolo (WSOY). A sequel for the popular football novel.

Henna Helmi Heinonen: Miisa ja kaikkien aikojen kevät (Tammi). Why everyday can’t be a good day? Miisa is practising furiously for the finals and to get to the number one team, but the troubles of her best friend are changing also her life.

Saku Heinänen: Zaida ja taistelupari (Tammi). Virtual world and the real world are mixed up in this last volume of the trilogy.

Antti Halme: Mafiakesä (Otava). The new series begins! Addicting thriller, speed and humour in the fantastic Sicily landscapes.

Arno Kotro & Jenni Pääskysaari: Elämän A ja Ö (Otava). For the young hero. The fundamentals of life from a to ö.

Elina Pitkäkangas: Kajo (Myllylahti). Distinctive werewolf story Kajo continues the dark and romantic story where the beasts aren’t the werewolves, but the humans.

Petteri Tikkanen: Eka kerta (Like). What kind of first time Eero will have? Does he found the real love in the banging of fireworks? Will he get to study? Should he move into his own place when his dad’s drinking is starting to get out of hands?


Which of these books would you like to learn more of? 


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