[Top Three] Summer Scare

I don’t know about you, but summer always makes me want to go for the scary stuff. This year, these three books will definitely be in my TBR-pile. Maybe they’ll be in yours too?

Lägret by Lena Ollmark, 2017

Hanna joins her friend Emil and goes to church camp. While she’s not really a believer, she longs for the feeling of being part of a group and joins in, in large part due to the charismatic leader Amanda who has taken special interest in Hanna. But things change for the worse when a bloodied member of the group is found in the woods, and when he then disappears completely, Hanna is completely terrified. The book is available in stores now.

Väntar tills natten kommer by Christoffer Holst, 2017

After a year-long long distance relationship, Lukas and Sam can finally spend a summer together at an old fishing cottage in exchange for doing some repairs on the house. But what are those lights shining over the lake, why does everything in that old diary feel so familiar, and is there something haunting Lukas? The book will be released in June.

Jorden vaknar by Madeleine Bäck, 2017

The follow-up to highly praised “Vattnet drar”, “Jorden vaknar” hits the ground running. The horror story involving dead cats, witchcraft, small-town criminals will leave you highly suspicious of the forest and anything including large groups of birds.

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