Bookstores in the Nordic countries

Interior shot from Science Fiction Bokhandeln in Malmö, Sweden. Picture taken from their website.

Back in the day, whenever I went to a new city, I used to look for record stores. Nowadays, when all my music is in myphone and Spotify, I look for book stores instead. I’ve always had a soft spot for the smaller stores – it’s usually in those where you can find the really cool stuff. Here are some examples from around the Nordic countries:


Copenhagen: Faraos Cigarer – Presumably named after the Tintin album of the same name, this store in Copenhagen and Lyngby specializes on all the fun stuff from all over geekdom – comics, books, games, live role playing, manga, movies.


Turku: Pieni kirjakauppa – Serving small bookstore and café in Turku

Aavetaajuus – Specialises on sci-fi, fantasy and horror in Helsinki


Oslo: Eldorado is the largest independent bookstore in Scandinavia offers 4,000 square metres of books, culture and music with Norway’s largest departments for children’s books, audio books and classical music, as well as a coffee shop, a back yard restaurant and four stages.

Oslo: Outland carries books, manga, game-related stuff, merchandise, trading card games.


Malmö, Gothenburg, Stockholm: Science Fiction Bokhandeln is THE store to go to in Sweden if you want to get your geek on. All of the stores have expanded in recent years and the Gothenburg one just added a café.

Eksjö: Eksjö bokhandel is an award winning independent book store, outperforming even the large retail chains in many areas.

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