Greenlandic: Kissaatigaarput nunani avannarlerni inuusuttunut atuakkiat sumiiffinnit tamanit ilisimaneqarnerulissasut.
Finnish: Haluamme tuoda pohjoismaalaista nuortenkirjallisuutta tunnetuksi yli Pohjoismaiden rajojen
Icelandic: Við viljum að norrænar bókmenntir fyrir ungmenni verði þekktar handann Norrænna landamæra.
Norwegian: Vi ønsker å gjøre nordisk ungdomslitteratur kjent på tvers av de nordiske grensene.
Swedish: Vi vill göra nordisk ungdomslitteratur känt över de nordiska gränserna.
Danish: Vi vil gøre nordisk ungdomslitteratur kendt på tværs af de nordiske grænser

English: We want Nordic young adult literature to be known across the Nordic borders.

Get in touch: post[@]nubb.nu

Who is behind NUBB?

NUBB originates from Ubok, it is are an independent and non-commercial project established for conveying Nordic young adult literature across the Nordic borders. Note that we primarily promote literature from established publishers.

1506719_10153998627120206_4232418838332426524_nMari Høe
Editor of NUBB.nu.
A 32 year woman with a passion for young adult literature. As of January 2016, she studies contemporary literature for children and young adult at NORSK BARNEBOKINSTITUTT.

You may also find Mari at one of her private blogs; «Flukten fra virkeligheten» or «Escape In a Book». She also runs the Norwegian book blog portal Bokblogger.no

NinaNina Aalstad
Nina is head of Ubok-foreningen, founder of NUBB along with Alexander Eliesen, founder of ubok.no and Ubok formidling. Nina reads every single Norwegian YA novel, and she wrote her thesis on children and young adult literature.



DavidDavid Lundgren
David is the creator and owner of the blog www.OArYA.se, focusing primarily on Swedish and English YA. Having recently bought a house in the Swedish countryside where he resides with his girlfriend, a dog and three cats, David also spends his time dealing with lazy contractors as well as trying to keep up with endless amounts of popular culture available.



Line Østergaard Skori
Line has a passion for young adult litterature and has been blogging in Norwegian since 2011 on MoonStar`s Bokverden. In addition to her addiction to books Line leds a versitile life. She attends a Bachelor study in Ecology and Nature Management at University College of Southeast Norway, where she also works as a librarian. When Line isn’t working, studying, reading or blogging, she hones her archery skills!


MetteMette Laustsen 
Mette works as a children’s librarian at Nunatta Atuagaateqarfia / Public and National Library of Greenland. She loves to work with and for the Greenlandic children and youth literature. Mette is an eclectic reader, but horror stories aren’t her favorite(horror is a beloved genre in Greenland). She blogs in Danish on Atuaruk/Læs, a blog about Greenlandic youth literature.


2014-12-14 02.10.55Hanna “Lilli” Roslöf
Hanna studies library science in Finland, soon she will have a license to push books at a Finnish library. In addition to reading Hanna loves music, theater, baking/cooking and needlework. Hanna is often busy rehearsing to a musical or a choir performance, but she somehow still manages to squize in a little studing and reading. You can find Hanna on her bilingual blog The wonderful world of Lilli.


Jessica Diep
Jessica is an avid reader with far too many projects in hand. She is most likely to be found in a library, where she resides most of the time.
She is a co-writer of the Swedish blog Bookbirds



IMG_0315Silje Monsen Solsvik
Silje is a high school librarian, and she blogs about books both privately and as a part of her work. You can find Silje on her blog Så rart, and sometimes she blogs along with Mari on Escape in a Book, for work she is part of a collaboration blog, Lesehorden, with several other school librarians from Hordaland.



Mira Kotanen
Mira is a 24-year-old librarian from Finland. She loves to read ya-literature and is always ready to talk about the books. She has blogged about books in Finnish in her bookblog called Neverendingly since June 2016. Besides reading, she loves to play with her dog, watch movies and tv-shows, sometimes knit and just hang out.



We are currently looking to expand our editorial team. Right now we are especially looking for guys from all the Nordic countries except for Norway. Are you the person we are searching for? Drop us an email.

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  1. Hi!

    I was contacted through my blog “The Wonderful World of Lilli” by Mari and she sent me this comment:
    “Dear Lilli,

    Do you have an email address I can get in touch with you by? I am reaching out to you on behalf of a project called NUBB – a group trying to promote Nordic ya literature across the boarders in the Nordic/Scandinavian countries.

    On behalf of the NUBB editoral team
    All the best, Mari ”

    So, I guess you can get my email address this way, if the comment was a real thing 🙂 (You’ll never know when on Internet).

    Best regards
    Hanna “Lilli” Roslöf

  2. Hi Hanna,

    The comment was the real deal. I’ll drop you a line now. All the best, Mari.

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